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Rewind Clothing Store

Site redesign case study

Issaquah, WA resale shop Rewind Clothing Store features recent fashion in like-new condition. Upper-income women in the area bring in their unwanted clothing to gain some cash and closet space; middle income women and their daughters get recent fashions they could never afford new. Clientele is women ages 16-40.

Rewind also features local artists and craftspeople whose art is offered for sale in the store. The shop owner is very interested in helping both her clientele and the artistic community, and in helping clothing to continue to be used and appreciated rather than being discarded into landfill.


The Client had been using a paid hosting service which offered free websites, and was dissatisfied with how this site made her business look. She wanted to promote an image of “High-end with Bargains,” but instead got, "home-made/bargain basement."


How and what Rewind buys

Rewind balances high-end clothing with modest prices. Buyers have only so much to spend; Sellers have only so much room for older clothes. It's worth it to Sellers to get some cash and room for more new clothes by selling at Rewind.

Guidelines are simple: no stains, smells or defects, and nothing more than 1 year old. Clothing is steam-cleaned upon acceptance, so Rewind is free of the odors common to other clothing resale shops.

Visual elements

Colors and photography are crucial for a resale shop site because visitors need to be convinced that the store has good merch and not picked-over cast-offs before they drive over. The client wanted to work in hot pink, but we settled on a less jarring palette of more tame pinks and reds.

Not your mother’s (or daughter’s) clothing!

Rewind’s target demo is women age 16 to 40. This includes single and married professionals, stay-at-home moms, and daughters dependent on Mom for their clothing budget.

Stock must reflect tastes of women across this spectrum. The daughters won’t come unless they can get what their friends are wearing. Moms won’t come if the clothes aren’t good and reasonably priced. And professional women don’t want to go to a teen shop any more than teens want to dress like their mothers.

The site must say: “We have what you want. Fresh, current, affordable,” with a de-emphasis on fad items that won’t last the year.

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  • Client: Rewind Clothing Store
  • Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • My Role: Concept, design, wireframing