eLearning re-design: T-Mobile

Graphic Standards Manual Cover

One of the deliverables from my re-design of T-Mobile internal eLearning was a graphic standards manual to guide the developers and builders of eLearning courses.

This manual shows how eLearning courses are to be constructed, as well as the design values to be adhered to. It assumes competence in the design platform being used, whether code or authoring software. The manual offers the course developer explanations, examples, and pixel specifications.

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  • Client: T-Mobile | Internal-facing
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
  • My Role: Art direction, design, illustration, writing

Block design grid

At-a-glance design grid visualization.

Shows relative placement and sizing, helps team discussion of course builds.

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Design grid specifications

The same design grid, with pixel dimensions and positioning values

In our group, eLearning courses could be built by programmers or users of PowerPoint or Lectora. This guide helps both groups to design according to grid spec.

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"Magnify" – resting state

Applying the Magnify icon.

When a Magnify icon is clicked on, information is revealed about the item labelled with it.

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"Magnify" – active state

The result of clicking the "Magnify" icon.

The resulting more information can always be dismissed with a Circle-X, restoring the interactive piece to its resting state.

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Navigation Icon set

The navigation icons I designed for eLearning.

This screen shows all of the nav icons, including toggle and disabled states. Includes summaries of each state.

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"Magnify" and "Right/Wrong" icons

Icons used interactively for explaining and quizzing.

Shown in all the brand-legal colors, complete with brief explanations of what each is and how it is to be used.

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